We've been working with KIT for a few years on a new identity that's been built in phased stages, the most recent and final phase has seen the creation of their new website.

We worked with KIT to create an identity for a platform that changes the way inventory management operates.

KIT enables employees to become part of the accountability process for their working practice, making it as easy as possible to report lost or damaged tools or equipment.

We embarked on a comprehensive journey with KIT, understanding their vision and unique challenges in the inventory management space. Collaboratively, we developed a strategic plan to redefine their identity and create a seamless user experience across their platform and marketing assets.

Repositioning the proposition:
Putting new customers and already existing users at the forefront, we conducted in-depth research to try to understand KITs audience. This user-centric approach guided every design decision, ensuring the identity and user-interface aligns with the customer needs. Our research highlighted a need for a more intuitive treatment to the interface and website along with the request for a less invasive identity. 

KIT Tool Tracking UI - New Brand and UX
KIT Man checking inventory